Ass Milk: Would You Dare?

donkeyWould you, could you try milk from an ass? Don't be gross, I mean a donkey, of course. Donkey milk has been gaining more and more proponents as an alternative to cow's milk. Because it's the closest animal milk to that of humans, most children with milk allergies (96 percent) can consume it. Plus it's sweet, so they like it. On top of it all, it's said to have more protein and less fat than cow's milk.

Sounds perfect ... only  it just sounds so wrong. Right?

Since I prefer to forget the milk in my refrigerator even comes from a cow, I may be a little more Sam I Am than most. But if it came from a donkey, I don't think I'd be able to stop the echoes of hee haw, hee haw from my head. And thoughts of those teeth! They're just not attractive animals, no offense, of course.


In Italy, they've been drinking donkey milk for centuries, and if Italians know one thing, it's good food and drink. So that makes me a little more curious, but I'm still not sure. Perhaps if it was chocolate. Yes, chocolate donkey milk sounds better ... I think.

It's not yet available for sale in the United States, so unless you're traveling in Europe, you won't be able to buy it at your local market anytime soon. But if there's a donkey nearby, then grab a glass and give it a try.

The good news is that it joins a growing number of milk options to what once used to be a one-cow town. There are choices galore including: Low-fat, non-fat, organic, raw milk, human breast milk (and not just for babies), rice milk, coconut milk, and soy milk. Camel milk may even be hitting U.S. shelves soon, for the truly brave.

So keep your cookies close by, there's a milk for every taste and every mood -- even when you're feeling like an ass.   

Would you try donkey milk?


Image via moose.boy/Flickr

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