Would You Eat Sushi From Target?


target ahiYou're at Target, rolling your cart along, checking off the usual list of household staples: toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels, picture frame, batteries, salad spinner, socks ... and then it occurs to you: What's for dinner?

That's me, at least once a month. Only it never occurs to me to do my grocery shopping at my local Target because they sell only boxed food-like substances and bottled water.

Well, stores like Target and CVS are trying to change that by offering much more in the way of food, like produce, sandwiches, fresh-baked muffins, and ... sushi?

Yup, drug stores are going grocery. We've already seen this in the past few years -- the Target in my mother's neighborhood has a full grocery. Retailers have noticed that stores with grocery add-ons have more traffic so they're investing more than ever before in their food sections -- even adding recipes online. They're not exactly trying to replace grocery stores. It's more that they're trying to draw more shoppers by offering more of something we all need -- food.

For you this means in the next few years it will be easier for you to pick up, say, a rotisserie chicken, box of salad, and baguette for dinner -- and the store gets the chance to entice you with a new set of bowls, a DVD, or a Calypso frock while they have you.

Will it work? And would you really trust a box of sushi from the likes of Walgreens? Where would they get that sushi made, anyway? How long does it sit out? Where will the produce come from? Will they carry organics? Will any of it be (don't laugh) local?

This illustrates how Americans seem to be moving in two different, opposing directions when it comes to buying food. Many of us are looking for convenience and buying whatever we can on the run. And a smaller but growing segment are prioritizing quality and getting our food from less traditional sources like Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) and food cooperatives. I'm with the latter crowd.

All of this is to say, Target, if you want me to show up at your store more often, don't bother with the grocery build-out and definitely skip the sushi. Instead, open up some of your space for a farmers' market and I'm all yours.

Would you buy your groceries at CVS?

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nonmember avatar Monzie

I just bought groceries at a Super Target last week. I didn't buy sushi this time but I have in the past and it's fine...although I generally go for the non-raw varieties like California Roll. I only eat raw sushi or sashimi at an actual restaurant where I can see the chefs cutting the fish to order. Anyway. I buy local...CSA and farmers market...a LOT too. It's not an all-or-nothing proposition. There's room for both a grocery store *and* fresh, local foods in my world. Rice, dried pasta, breakfast cereal, Goldfish crackers....I can't get that stuff in my CSA box.

ZsMommy ZsMommy

Groceries from SuperTarget-Yup-We've purchased some of the best cuts of thick,meaty pork chops at ours (compared to what was offered in the Supermarkets) for better prices than the local grocery store...But sushi...even if I liked it-umm-no.

frysh... fryshannon34

I would buy from where ever the better deal is

Peajewel Peajewel

I buy my groceries at Giant Eagle and my meat at the butchers, I cannot imagine buying groceries at CVS, maybe Target, I don't know.  But as far as sushi goes, I wouldn't buy it anywhere!  Yuckers!

tazdvl tazdvl

The Target here doesn't sell food and we no longer have a CVS.

Pnukey Pnukey

Groceries at CVS? NO

Sushi at Target? Hell No.

momof... momoflilangel

I've bought food at CVS. No sushi for me anywhere though.

clean... cleanaturalady

If they had good quality products that I used, yes. 

sstepph sstepph

No. Gross. Vomit. Food Poisoning. lol.

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