Were Golden Globe Chocolates Spiked With Truth Serum?

godivaPaul Giamatti's first words upon winning a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Movie, Comedy, for Barney's Version were not "Thanks, thank you for this," or "What an honor."

No, upon accepting his award from a stunning Halle Berry, the flummoxed actor said, "Jesus Christ, Halle Berry. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, Halle Berry! I'm a little jacked-up because I just ate five boxes of the free Godiva chocolates!"

He scratched his head in wonder and went on, "I just saw Godiva chocolate. Never seen so many chocolates! And Haaaaalleeeeee Berryyyyy!" Eyes popping out, Giamatti went on to give the kind of acceptance speech I wish we heard more often from Hollywood.


He recovered himself and did the usual self-deprecating declaration that the other nominees were more worthy (blah blah blah) before admitting what so many actors rarely admit: his job is pretty freakin' fun.

I got to drink and smoke and get laid and I got paid for it! I mean, amazing, amazing thing!

That's right, Paul Giamatti and the rest of you, your working lives are amazing. You play pretend and have people dress you up all pretty and send you to a big party every few months where you're feted with copious amounts of free chocolate and maybe even a gold statue you get to take home with you. Know what the rest of America does for a living? Turn up day after day at the same cubicle under florescent lighting in the same office park -- if we're lucky enough to have a job.

So thank you, Paul Giamatti, for acting like the rest of us would act were we in your shoes -- freaked out and thrilled out of our minds. Was it the chocolates? Did Ricky Gervais eat some, too? Spokespeople from Godiva are keeping mum (although they did acknowledge the shout-out via Facebook), but I think they spiked the chocolates with some sort of truth serum.

And I think the only person in the room hedonistic enough to eat them must have been Giamatti -- and maybe Gervais. I love him for still being excited at the sight of free chocolate, and I love him for eating all five boxes.


Image via Godiva.com

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