NFL Superstar Gets McDonald's Employee Fired

Adrian PetersonFinding a place to pee in New York City can be a daunting task. You sometimes have to walk for blocks and blocks to find the nearest Starbucks (my stand-by for emergency trips to the potty) or other public restrooms. Most places require you to be a patron in order to use their toilet during the day, so you can imagine how difficult it is at night when most places are closed to find someone willing to let you in for a quick pit stop — that is, unless you're Adrian Peterson.

The running back for the Minnesota Vikings found his way to a McDonald's at 3 a.m.on January 3. Tiffany Langeslay, an assistant manager for the chain and mother of three, was working the drive-thru. Customers aren't allowed to use the bathroom when just the drive-thru is open, but Langeslay recognized Peterson and let him in.

Because of that, she was fired!


Eventually, after news of her firing spread on the Internet, she was rehired.

Still, it must be nice to be famous. If this had been you or me, most likely we would have had to use the parking lot and risk arrest! As a 20-something single person, there have been a few nights out when my friends and I have wandered around the city in search of a bathroom, knowing full well that no establishment would let us in. I mean, it makes sense, those rules are there for a reason ... as it's a prime time for thieves to come in as well as any drunkards, who could damage the place.

Regardless of what exactly Adrian Peterson was doing outside a McDonald's at 3 a.m. (according to Langeslay, he said, "Ma'am. My name's Adrian Peterson. This is an emergency." Please, take a moment to laugh at his use of the word "emergency."), sometimes restaurants are so strict about their patron-only policy that it makes a lot of us insane! I've got friends who've been pregnant and turned away ... and those with toddlers who just can't hold "it" in any more.

I understand being strict about late-night hours, but during the day when you're obviously pregnant or are struggling with young kids, I can't see why places couldn't be a little more lenient. Maybe we just need more public toilets? It'd, at least, make the sidewalks slightly cleaner and lead to a lot less stressed out mothers ...

But as of right now, the only lesson to take away from all this is that you can use the facilities of a restaurant whenever you please -- as long as you're a multimillion-dollar Pro Bowl MVP running back in the NFL. Because really, who needs to use the toilets more than those folks?

Do you get frustrated by the patrons-only policies at restaurants when you have to go to the bathroom?


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