Gordon Ramsay & Jamie Oliver: Hypocrite Fishmongers?

Gordon RamsayOops, looks like two of the world's most famous celebrity chefs have been burned. Both Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver have been fighting big public fights to save endangered fish, but both were found to be serving them on menus in their restaurants. Sounds fishy, no? 

According to the Daily Telegraph, Oliver, who just last week appeared in a television series titled Big Fish Fight touting the importance of sustainable seafood, was busted for serving eel at his restaurant Fifteen.

Ramsay was also found to be serving up eel at two of his restaurants -- Maze in London and La Veranda, in Versailles. But sharks, those he defends. In a television special titled Gordon Ramsay Shark Bait, he said of shark fin soup:  "The bland fin doesn't deliver. They eat it because it is a symbol of status. It is f**king mad." And people eat eel because ... ?


Tsk, tsk. According to the paper, European eel was named an endangered species in 2008 by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature after it "experienced a 90 percent drop in its population over the previous 30 years."

After being contacted by The Sunday Times, both chefs said they have removed eel from their menus ... for now. Apparently there's some discrepancy as to if it's really endangered or not, but shouldn't such fish-friendly guys know that before serving it up in their restaurants? Makes one wonder just how involved they are in their actual restaurants beyond their name on the door.

Oliver isn't faring so well in his fight to improve school foods either. After moving to Los Angeles with dreams of bringing his show Food Revolution to schools there, he's being shot down by the system

"Reality TV has a formula," Robert Alaniz, L.A. Unified spokesman, told the Los Angeles Times. "You either have to have drama or create conflict to be successful. We're not interested in either."

As for Ramsay, besides his recent hair transplant, he's been served up some bad press for not paying winners of the show Hell's Kitchen as promised, as well as facing his own financial problems.

This whole eel deal certainly isn't going to help either.

Have you ever eaten eel? Would you?

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