What Lady Gaga Eats ... and Wears

I Can Grill My Own DinnerWhile we know Lady Gaga enjoys wearing meat, to actually see her throw down at a steakhouse might be a little too meta for our tastes. Even though Old Homestead Steakhouse did create a meat dress in her honor, it does not appear that Lady Gaga ate it, nor modeled the dress that could also be yours for $100,000. But where does Lady Gaga go to get her eat on?

I would have no way of knowing, which is why I'm glad Eater stalked Ms. Germanotta through New York City and created a handy dandy map to show you where the lady dines when she's not warping children around the globe. (I kid, it's the same thing my mother said about Prince, and it's no more true today than it was in the '80s.)

My biggest question: Does Lady Gaga dress over the top when she's headed to her neighborhood spot? If not, how do people recognize her? If so, how can she eat in that get-up? These are the questions that keep me up at night.


The biggest surprise in this restaurant round-up came as Gaga was seen coming out of Serafina's midtown location. There's nothing edgy about that, so let's hope she was just meeting her A&R guy to discuss business. A&R guys looove that place.

The least surprising, of course, are the city's hot spots like Momofuku Ssam Bar (where I hope she got some rad udon) and DGBG on the Bowery. Good food and see-and-be-seen hang-outs seem wildly appropriate for a downtown-loving gal.

All of this is to say, it appears Lady Gaga loves food with an Asian flair (Asia de Cuba, Nobu, Momofuku) and probably eats a lot since at times she's been spotted at a restaurant with no pants. I feel you, Gaga, I've eaten enough to pop a top button before. Never thought of skipping the pants though. Next time.

Do you want to eat where Lady Gaga eats?


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