Who Knew Kanye West Was a Food Blogger? Not Kanye

no one man should have all that flourKanye, we're going to let you finish, but what do you think about your new food blog? You know, the Tumblr blog that features your lyrics morphing into food poetry? It's called No One Man Should Have All That Flour (after a line in the song "Power") and it's amazin'. How amazin'?

It's amazin'

Buns I'm glazin'

Ribs are braisin'

Yummy tastin'


Here's a few lines from one of my favorites, The Food Life, submitted by Schemestress:

Now I, I bake so fine, made a key lime

Now throw your plates up for some pie

Now I, bake so fine, made a key lime

Now throw your plates up for some pie

You get the idea. Or maybe you're hungry for more? Well how about a lament by tlkirk over bread:

Something wrong

I hold my bread

White bread gone

This is whole grain bread!

My husband was just yelling the same thing this morning. You've been there, right? That's why I love this Tumblr so much -- it's so relatable! The author says he created the blog for three simple reasons: "I love Kanye, I love food, and I love putting stupid shit on the Internet ..." Is there a better recipe for time-sucking hilarity? I think not.

One thing I'm wondering, though. Kanye doesn't miss much when it comes to the media/Kanye hall of mirrors. Has he discovered his food blog yet? I checked his Twitter stream. Hmm, shout-outs to Phoebe Philo and Kate Moss, art from his latest single, and an astonishing feat pushing the time-space continuum that would impress Stephen Hawking: "I work 30 hours a day at least #LOUIETWEETS" but no mention of Tumblr.

Is it only a matter of time? I'm waiting for the day Kanye interrupts his blog with a foodie riff on his own lyrics. C'mon Kanye, we know you have a sense of humor. You retweeted this:

kanye retweets

Images via No One Man Should Have All That Flour and tv & toast

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