Revolting McDonald's Japan Burgers Put America to Shame

mcdonald's burgerIf you think McDonald's here in the United States is unhealthy, you should see what it's serving up in Japan.

The fast food chain recently rolled out its "Big America 2 campaign" featuring four burgers named after U.S. locales, and it's proving to be a hit with Japanese customers.

Just wait until you see what's on these quarter-pound burgers. (I absolutely hate that this is now how people in Japan think most of us Americans eat on an everyday basis.)


The Miami Burger (photo above) is topped with cheese, tortilla chips, shredded lettuce, and taco meat with a spicy tomato chili sauce. Calories: 557.

The Idaho Burger is topped with melted cheese, a deep-fried hash brown (which might be McDonald's all-time best product -- I approve!), bacon strips, onions, and pepper-and-mustard sauce. Calories: 713.

The Texas 2 Burger is topped with chili, three buns, cheese, and bacon. Calories: 645.

And, the Manhattan Burger is topped with pastrami, cheese, and sour cream sauce. Calories: 514.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Japanese customers -- especially men in the 18-30 age bracket -- are going wild for these All-American burgers. In fact, their popularity is particularly ironic given 1) the Japanese are traditionally more slender and have healthier diets than Americans; and 2) McDonald's here in the States is making a concerted move toward more healthier menu items like salads and oatmeal.

Yet, there are some factors working directly in McDonald's Japan's favor, which might explain the success of these burgers. First, Japanese customers are suckers for anything that's offered for a "limited time" -- and that's exactly how these burgers are being marketed.

Moreover, fast food has yet to be vilified in Japan like it is in this country. In other words, it's still cool to get excited about fast food in Japan.

Still, I'd appreciate a disclaimer in the McDonald's advertisements for these burgers that assures the people of Japan that not all Americans eat like this every day and not all of us put tortilla chips on top of our burgers.

But maybe it's too late for that.

Do you think the American burgers sound revolting or delicious?

Image from McDonald's Japan

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