'Top Chef All-Stars' Recap: Go Fish

top chef all starsThe chefs' strong personalities definitely came to a head in last night's episode of Top Chef All-Stars. Most contestants behaved in typical fashion; for example, we've come to expect Mike Isabella and Marcel Vigneron to act like a-holes and they never fail to deliver. But others -- in fact, one in particular -- are decidedly out of character this season. Maybe it's a good time to ask the question on everyone's mind:

What in the world is wrong with Jamie?


Jamie Lauren was one of my very favorite chefs on Season 5. One of the original members of Team Rainbow, she was fun, adorable, bubbly, not to mention completely hilarious. Oh, and talented to boot. But on the All-Stars edition, she's sullen, complainy, cranky, arrogant, and, dare I say it, bored.

That's why it was no surprise when, from the beginning of last night's double elimination episode -- in which the chefs are tasked with catching as many fish as they can in five hours -- the other chefs outdid themselves in their efforts to insult her. Here's her teammate Antonia Lofaso delivering the first dig against Jamie within the first few minutes of the show: "Honestly, her attitude drives me nuts!"

Later, the chefs have to cook their catch on the beach for the judges and 200 other people. Here's where the Jamie-hate gets turned up a notch.

Antonia: "It's crazy to me. Jamie will complain, and be tired, and want to go home and I'm just like give me a break!"

Tre Wilcox: "Jamie is going to be her own demise because she's all [*makes boo hoo complainy face*] and all that. It's kinda like having a little baby in the background."

This is all against a backdrop of Jamie complaining about everything from sand in her shoes to the hot sun to cucumber juice running all over her (what?). Ugh, she's like the worst version of herself -- and a bad personality coupled by bad food does not a winner make.

I'm guessing no one was disappointed when she cooked fish with cucumber water and watermelon that the judges found to be "too bland." Richard Blaze, Fabio, and Marcel almost gave her a run for her money in terms of suckage -- they only cooked one average among the three of them.

But in the end, Tiffani's sub-par blue fish (if the judges said the words "blood line" one more time, I was going to throw something at my TV) sent her packing along with Jamie -- gotta love the double elimination challenges. And I for one thought the decision was totally fair.

Do you think Jamie and Tiffani should have gone home?

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