Cameron Diaz: 5 Fried Foods to Feed Her Addiction

Fried PicklesThough she has one of the best bods in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz has a dirty diet secret: She's "obsessed" with fried food. Whether it was Seth Rogen who influenced her while filming The Green Hornet or not, she has a new-found fascination for greasy goodness. 

"I could eat fried foods to save the world!" she told Extra. "I'm obsessed with fried foods right now. I can't stop!" Wouldn't that be great? And how nice to know that even she has a hard time resisting fried fare too.

In order to feed her new obsession, here are five fabulous fried foods Diaz should try if she hasn't already. They may not save the world, but they're damn good.


Fried Pickles They sound weird, but taste so good. The tangy pickles are breaded and fried, and when dipped in ranch dressing, they become absolutely addictive. If she can't find them on any Hollywood restaurant menus, she can always whip some up at home with this recipe for fried pickles.

fried beer

Fried Beer Diaz has been known to throw back a few cold ones from time to time, so with her new obsession, some fried brew might be just the thing. Sealed in a ravioli-like shell and fried, when you bite in, beer oozes out.

Fried Guacamole

Fried Guacamole From the state fair circuit comes this brilliant cuisine. It mixes up avocado, cheese, and salsa, then fries it in a crispy batter. Here's a recipe for fried guac to try at home if she can't stomach a fair.

Fried Green Tomator

Fried Green Tomatoes Diaz has surely seen the movie, but the food is almost as good. She doesn't have to go to the Whistle Stop Cafe to get them either; she can always make some at home Paula Deen style.

Fried Twinkie

Fried Twinkies No lover of fried food can avoid the fried food that started the whole fry-anything-and-everything fad. So bad, but so good.

What's your favorite fried food?

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