Seattle Seahawks Great Beer Revolt

Seattle seahawks beerYou go to a bar and order a beer. Perhaps it says 16 ounces -- $5. (I'm assuming you're in an affordable area of the country.) Are you then inclined to break out a measuring cup and make sure you're getting all 16 ounces? If so, you might want to move to Seattle where Seahawk fans have made a brew-ha-ha over the size of the beers at the football stadium.

It seems the 20-ounce cup, which is $1.25 more than than the 16-ouncer, can be poured in its entirety into the 16-ounce cup. I know, crazy! Of course you're pouring the liquid all the way up to the rim, and no bartender does that. But let's get pissed off anyway, okay? And then let's film a very scientific demonstration and force the Qwest stadium operation people to spend a lot of time on this very serious issue.

It's official, the Seattle Seahawks fans are some of the most obnoxious in the game. Or the beer-drinking ones are, anyway, if this video is any indication.


Yep! You got 'em. You know they were trying to sneak that right by Seahawk fans. And it would have worked too, if these two industrious and buzzed fellas hadn't poked their noses into the stadium beer mystery.

So now the beer providers to the stadium have apologized, and offered up 20-ounce beer at 16-ounce prices to make up for the not exactly measured beers. I hope you guys are happy. And just know all the people who run Cowboys Stadium in Dallas will be rooting against your team in the playoffs, lest you come to Texas and start throwing your video camera around and complaining about the size of the foot long vs. the regular hot dog.

Do you think these guys were right to make a big stink about the beer?


Image via YouTube

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