Does Drinking Coffee During Yoga Cancel Out the Benefits?

yoga woman drinking coffeeA new ad campaign for Seattle's Best Coffee raises a question I often find myself pondering in the downward dog position: Is drinking coffee during yoga really a good idea? All the women filing into class with their mats and their Venti-sized Starbucks cups seem to think so.

Likewise, one of the new Seattle's Best commercials touting the slogan "Anywhere great coffee is needed" suggests that coffee and yoga make a perfect pair. A Seattle's Best employee offers an iced coffee drink to a woman in yoga class -- she's thrilled!

But not so fast. Let's check in with the experts ...


While there are obviously worse things you could do than partake in a cup of joe during yoga, it isn't the healthiest habit you could have.

That's simply because balance is one of the primary objectives of any yoga practice, and drinking a stimulant like coffee "creates immediate imbalances that quickly turn chronic." Yikes!

Moreover, coffee is a strong diuretic, which means it causes dehydration. And, for people who practice yoga a lot, dehydration, especially when it causes body stiffness and soreness, can be really painful -- and sort of counteracts the whole point of yoga practice, wouldn't you agree?

Add that to some of coffee's other side effects (when you consume it in large quantities) -- it causes constipation, reduced serotonin levels, vitamin deficiency, and increased stress -- and the whole idea appears to be a recipe for disaster. Sure, moderation is key: It just seems like if you are going to go to all the trouble of getting yourself to yoga, then why cancel out the benefits by overdosing on the caffeine during class?

Seattle's Best may be on to something with its other two "Anywhere great coffee is needed" ads (see below). But maybe the yoga one should be taken with a grain of salt.

Do you drink coffee during yoga?

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