Is McDonald's Feeding Us Lies About Its Oatmeal?

oatmealMcDonald's recently entered the healthy breakfast scene with its introduction of Fruit and Maple Oatmeal. Reviews of the product so far have been mixed, but one group in particular has a big problem with it.

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture is taking the fast food chain to task for false advertising on the oatmeal's list of ingredients ...


Specifically, the group has a problem with McDonald's use of the word "maple."

McDonald's lists "natural maple flavoring" in its ingredient list. This is acceptable as far as the federal Food and Drug Administration regulations are concerned. However, Vermont state law requires products that claim to be "natural maple products" to have not just flavoring but real maple syrup. And, unless the fast food restaurant can comply, officials want the word "maple" removed from the product's name and advertising. One official explained:

We have communicated to McDonald's that in order for them to be in compliance with the product, because we want them to do the right thing, they have to change the ingredients and labeling and we hope they do that.

Maple products are one of Vermont's top industries, so you can understand why this is an important issue for the state and why it wants companies to be accountable for their claims.

McDonald's, for its part, has agreed to consider the request and meet with Vermont officials to set about complying with the restrictions.

All this commotion for a product that, frankly, we here at The Stir didn't even think was that stellar.

Have you tried McDonald's new oatmeal yet? How maple-y was it?

Image via McDonald's

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