4 Most Expensive Burgers Face Off: Which One Is Really Worth It (PHOTOS)

fleurburgerIn the never-ending contest to offer the Most! Expensive! Hamburger! Ever! the latest entry rings in at a whopping $5,000 at Fleur in Las Vegas resort Mandalay Bay. How do you cram $5,000 into a burger? You don't. You cram about $500 into the burger (still a stretch) and then you pair it with a $2,500 (retail) bottle of 1995 vintage Petrus and you mail the two Italian crystal goblets it's served in home.

For $5,000 I'd like to keep it classy and just drop the crystal glasses directly into my handbag right after my meal, but that's just me.

So ... what goes into a $500 hamburger, and what does the mega$$$ burger competition look like?


Let's compare!

FleurBurger $5,000: Wall Street Journal estimates that the Kobe ground beef costs around $50 (possibly less). The burgers are topped with about $25 in foie gras and $300 in winter truffles. Fleur also offers the FleurBurger 5000 sans wine for $79, so I'm wondering about WSJ's estimate for the truffles.

Wall Street Burger Shoppe Richard Nouveau Burger, $175: Another Kobe beef burger that comes with foie gras and shaved black truffles; also with aged Gruyere and golden truffeled mayonnaise. No pricey wine pairing or stemware, but burger-to-burger, this looks like more bang for your buck. That is, if you're in the high-end burger market.

wagyu brisket nota bene

Nota Bene Forked Wagyu Brisket Burger, $44: An even nicer price can be found in Toronto, Canada. This comes with shaved foie gras, pancetta, fries, and truffle mayonnaise.

original db burger

db Bistro Moderne Original db Burger, $32: Created by renowned chef Daniel Boulud, this burger departs from the fancy-smelly-mushrooms model and goes with prime sirloin filled with braised short ribs on a Parmesan bun.

Suppose someone gave you a blank check to order any of these burgers. Which one would you choose?

Images via Fleur, snowpea&bokchoy/Flickr, dbBistro

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