Are You Eating Food? Are You Sure?

how to tell if you're eating foodIf the rows of 40 different kinds of American cheeses fool you, take this handy flow chart with you the next time you step into the grocery store. It's an easy way to figure out if you're eating food, or eating crap. Or, in the beauty aisle.

Go ahead, take a look around. Then let me explain what's wrong with this picture.


While I'm a big proponent of eating whole foods, non-processed, and organic, I do think this chart could use some tweaking. After all, bacon can be your friend and doesn't only belong in Snausages. In fact, I have a very expensive candy bar that is organic and offers bacon. So there!

Also, I would add the following notes to this chart. Just print out this whole post and you won't find yourself back at home with bags full of Cheetos and beer. Although just typing that is making me hungry and thirsty.

1) Velveeta may not be "food" but it's good. Once a year it's fine to indulge in its salty goodness.

2) There are dog foods out there that are better for you than some processed people food. Thank you crazy dog-lovers who refuse to admit a dog is an animal, and not a child.

3) Some health claims are important. Such as "allergen-free."


Are you eating food?


Image via The Huffington Post

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