Girl Scout Cookies: A Really Dumb Tradition?

girl scout cookiesGirl Scout Cookies: They're so good, they're bad. If you hate them, it's only because they tend to spoil your so-far-so-good healthy resolutions

There's no denying that the classics are worth looking forward to. There's the best seller, the Thin Mint, the flaky consistency of Samoas, and who can forget Tagalongs? I salivate thinking of their peanut buttery goodness. Thankfully, the cookies sales start tomorrow in some states. 

Wait, you mean that they aren't available all year? Whose idea was that?

In an age where we can buy computer applications without leaving our couch and get our groceries delivered, why are young girls the only ones still doing things the old-fashioned way?


According to their website, Girl Scouts of the USA does not allow online sales. However, you can go to this site to help you locate girls selling the cookies near you, by Zip code.

I get the science behind restricting online sales. This time period enables girls to learn about being an entrepreneur. Girls are able to set goals for sales, and understand what it takes to be an integral part of a bigger "business." And when they've successfully completed the cookie selling season, they gain the ultimate prize: The badges. What a gem to add to the vest or sash. It makes all the order forms, money handling, box moving, and vocal hassling worth while. 

But really, tell me how my coworker stopping by my desk and writing me off for three boxes of Thin Mints and a box of Do-Si-Dos for her daughter fosters her child's educational process? It's clear that the demand is too high, and that the general three-week long sale period leaves much to be desired.  

Girl Scouts of the USA, don't you see you're missing out on profits here? Is there actually anything else in the world that you can only buy in person? Call me a member of the technology generation, but I'm pretty sure this system's ancient. I know that if I was able to buy a box of Thin Mints online, I still wouldn't be able to say no to the cute little girls outside of my grocery store (or my coworker, for that matter).

Don't worry: While you can't buy the real deal on their website, you can buy cookie themed merchandise. Right, because a "Smile if You Love Girl Scout Cookies" T-shirt really satisfies my chocolate cravings. 

What do you think? Should Girl Scout cookies be sold online?

Image via Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar/Flickr

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