Controversial Doritos Super Bowl Ad Pisses Off Catholics

doritos commericalA Doritos commercial has been pulled from the annual Doritos Crash the Super Bowl ad contest because it deeply offended Catholics.

The spot, called "Feed the Flock," shows a priest seeking spiritual guidance from God in how to attract more people to his church. The answer comes to him in prayer: He will offer Doritos (in two flavors!) and Pepsi MAX in place of the traditional sacramental bread and wine of the Eucharist. The idea is successful and soon parishioners are lining up to receive the new and improved "Communion."

I, for one, am appalled by the religious stereotypes presented in this ad. To suggest that all Catholics prefer Pepsi and Doritos over other junk food -- like, say, Coke and Pringles -- is simply outrageous and, frankly, unacceptable!


Alas, the ad was pulled from the contest for another reason: Catholics were offended that the Eucharist -- which they consider to be the body and blood of Christ -- was treated in such a joking matter. They started an online petition requesting that PepsiCo (which owns Doritos) pull the ad.

As a result, PepsiCo apologized and removed it from the contest. And, the maker of the ad, a Philadelphia firm called Media Wave, had this response: "We felt bad ... Our intention was to win, not to offend.”

Truthfully, I thought the ad was clever but can understand why a religious group wouldn't want a central tenant of their religion be taken so lightly.

To see the commercial in its entirety, click the link.

Do you think the Doritos as Eucharist ad is offensive?


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