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Happy New Year! Now, let's waste no time in feeling inferior to singer, actress, relate-able mom, and blogger -- Gwyneth Paltrow. If you've already received your GOOP newsletter, I apologize for the redundancy. But if you unsubscribed in a fit of "Who the hell is this woman???" fury, let me fill you in on Paltrow's diet she thinks you'll love too, especially if you made a New Year's resolution that involves weight loss. It's a cleanse, or a very strict elimination diet. Which is kind of cleanse-y.

I know many smart people who do the cleanse, but I still don't get it. It feels like a liquid diet where you lose a lot of weight, but the second you go back to eating normally again you gain it back. What good is a cleanse unless you live that way for the rest of your (very short, since you'll die) life? And why does Gwyneth think she needs to lose a few pounds????

Some other gems from GOOP about Dr. Junger's "Clean" program that GP loves:

Overview: For 21 days you eat three square meals a day exclusively from the Elimination Diet. The Elimination Diet is my list of approved and non-approved foods. The approved foods will encourage light detoxification. Avoiding the non-approved foods will encourage many things such as improved digestion, improved beneficial bacteria levels, and light weight loss.

For 21 days you're going to try to live up to some ridiculous standard of a very strict diet without the aide of a personal chef, nanny, or a zillion dollars. Cry on Day 5 as you fail.

And of course, the bottom line from Dr. Junger:

Getting Started: There are two ways to get started on this 21-day cleanse:

Option 1: Order the Clean Program Detox Kit, which provides you with everything you need to successfully complete this cleanse.

Option 2: Purchase my book Clean and follow the detailed program outlined there.

Alternately, do the Master Cleanse with items you most likely have in your cabinets.

What do you think about Gwyneth Paltrow's endorsed cleanse?


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joyma... joymama123

I think it is utterly PATHETIC the way so many bloggers on this site "hate" on GP - and many other celebs as well. Get over it! She is beautiful, successful, looks great after kids, etc. Rather than mock her (b/c who really cares???!!! anyway) spend your time writing about something worthwhile. If you don't like someone stop paying attention to them and their lifestyle. 

Jonah Levi

I can truly say that because of "Hypersonic Weight Loss" system, I am LOVING LIFE!

moder... modernmom2010

Ugh I just tried to do the Master Cleanse and failed miserably! My body needs food to function! Not sure how  different this diet is, but I would be interested at what foods they allow you to eat.

qrex912 qrex912

The master cleanse is fantastic for starting a diet. I have never been successful with a diet without some sort of cleanse first. You can't just cleanse, and on the 22nd day, go have some McDonalds, obviously. It is the first step toward a big lifestyle change, not a way to lose weight fast. Maybe you shouldn't comment harshly on things that you clearly know nothing about?

kisse... kisses5050

I think I have to work eight hours a day in a job that does not allow me to run to the potty at will which "a cleanse" requires. Who has time?

Heath... Heather60208

Cleanses shouldnt be done for more then a few days, it can have terrible side effects later on, and its been proven so many times (I've watched my friends who have done the MC) that you can gain almost double the weight back from "coming off" a cleanse.

chica... chica1965

I dont hate  Gwen but looks like she is  starting a new bussiness like so many other movie stars  have done . I  find it disapointing when an actress born with her  body style trys to make it  sem available to all women . Some of us are never gonna look like that  . 

lkm091 lkm091

I wish I had $425 for a cleanse...

Natalie Simms

I did the Master Cleanse. It is NOT just a weight loss/water loss that then allows the weight to come back. The weight stayed off for a couple years for me because it changed my matabolism. What brought the weight back for me (and for pretty much everyone if they would care to admit it... was overeating the wrong kind of food.


not really practical for me.

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