Jelloware: Silliest Food Innovation of 2011?

jellowareDo we really need this?

Cups made out of gelatin.

That's right, drinking vessels you can both drink out of and eat. Jelloware is made out of agar-agar (seaweed-based gelatin powder) and comes in flavors like lemon-basil, ginger-mint, and rosemary-beet. Oh, and you can compost them. Wait until you see them in action -- it's quite a show.


Jelloware was invented by a product design consultancy called The Way We See the World. They're responsible for other quirky but handy ideas like the Phonekerchief, which blocks phone signals. (Whatever, I just use AT&T. Ha!) Anyway, as you can see from the video, they're totally jiggly and look like a ton of fun. After the party you can compost the cups, too.

You want some now, right? When I first saw this I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever seen and I dismissed it. But I kept getting updates from TWWSTW about these cups, and I kept looking at the pretty colors, and eventually they won me over.

TWWSTW has even come up with a hypothetical collaboration with Absolut Vodka. pairing their cups with different flavored vodkas. But as a parent it's quite obvious that this would be a hit with kids, too. In fact, my son's 7th birthday is coming up and these would be perfect.

Alas -- they are not yet on the market. No, TWWSTW needs some capital to push the Jelloware into production, so they've started a Kickstarter campaign. This is a web-based way for small companies to raise money for projects. Maybe if they raise enough cash, they'll have cups ready for sale in time for my son's 8th birthday next year!

A girl can dream of Jelloware, right? 

What do you think? Is Jelloware brilliant or insane?

Image via The Way We See the World

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