Soaking in Booze Won't Get You Drunk & Other Revelations

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Bathe in it, just don't drink it
Attention all high school students, stop spreading rumors about getting loaded through osmosis, because a very important scientific study has just proven that soaking in vodka will not get you the least bit intoxicated. Also, douching with Coca-Cola will not prevent pregnancy. 

Okay, they didn't study that last one, but I thought I'd throw it in for any confused 14-year-olds reading this.

Personally, I didn't know that kids were out there trying to take baths in gin since prohibition ended, but a team of Danish scientists say they were working to dispel this prominent myth when they went about the very rigorous study of soaking in vodka and measuring the results. In addition to just plain old bathing in it, the scientists added some other fun activities to their study.


They also found that " ... driving a vehicle or skippering a boat with boots full of vodka seems to be safe and that brewery workers cannot become intoxicated by falling into a brewery vat."

Good to know. The next time I take my boat out, I won't worry at all that my boots are filled with vodka.

Here's what these "scientists" should work on next:

  • French kissing and pregnancy: possible?
  • Do I drive better while high?
  • Will I turn into a rabbit if I only eat carrot sticks for lunch and dinner?
  • Can I really masturbate on the bus without anyone finding out?
  • Do parents really just not understand?

Did you think soaking in booze would get you drunk?


Image via adactio/Flickr

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