My New Year's Resolution for Food Is Delicious

bean stew
No more experimental beans and leftovers stews
Every year I emerge from the holidays stuffed and sick from all the rich, gooey, sweet food I've been eating and vowing to start eating like a Buddhist monk. Brown rice and veggies for the entire month of January! One year I actually made good on my vow and bought a cookbook on Buddhist temple food.

My new cookbook included recipes for the following: edamame soup, soybean seaweed salad, tofu teriyaki, steamed pumpkin and tofu, mashed taro, asparagus and carrot soy milk jelly, soy milk mousse with blackberry sauce.

None of this was delicious. There's a reason why I never became a Buddhist monk.

Which brings me to my 2011 New Year's Resolution: I will eat only delicious food.


That's right, no more fibrous, fussy lotus root. No more eating turnip greens and beet tops just because my friends say they love them. I give up on okra! I've tried it and I just don't like it. I will roast turnips and parsnips with lots of olive oil and salt instead of steaming them. I will make pumpkin bread with chocolate chips, not pumpkin pie. No more of those stupid goji berries, for they are not delicious!

I will take the time to think about what I really love to eat and I will take the time to make those dishes. I won't worry if it's too fancy, or too simple, or if I just had the same thing last week. And if I grill a cheese sandwich, I will not leave the kitchen to check email. Burned grilled cheese sandwiches are also not delicious.

Here is what I'm eating this week:

  • Pizza Margherita from scratch
  • Tagliatelle in cream sauce with ham and peas
  • Butter chicken
  • Cauliflower roasted with whole cumin
  • Ramen with lots and lots of carrots
  • Homemade raspberry and black currant ice cream
  • Japanese pickles
  • Pistachio apricot granola with whole milk yogurt
  • Organic mixed greens that come in a plastic box
  • Bacon
  • Brown rice tossed with vegetables poached with ginger root, vinegar, and soy sauce

(Hah! I'm still craving Buddhist temple food -- but this is my own version.)

I don't expect anyone to see my list and agree that everything on it is delicious. The point is, I'm almost 40 and I pretty much know what I like by now. Life is too short for thoughtless "whatever" food, or hastily prepared food, or obligation food, or compromise food. In 2011, I'm eating out of love.

What are your 2011 New Year's food resolutions?


Image via Adriana Velez

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