New Dunkin' Donuts Ad: A Hotbed of Lies & Deception?

dunkin donutsHere at The Stir, we may have ragged on Dunkin' Donuts' holiday blend, but that doesn't mean we dislike everything about the fast food chain.

Take, for instance, the brand new multimillion-dollar marketing campaign it launched in the new year featuring everyday Joes enjoying Dunkin' Donuts' iced and hot coffee drinks. The commercials, which star ordinary people (firefighters, cops, construction workers, etc.) who are fans of the brand and auditioned for the spots last year, are accessible and relatable. And you've got to admit that the tag-line -- I'm drinkin' Dunkin' -- is downright catchy.

But there's one claim coming out of Dunkin' Donuts' new ad campaign that seems a little suspect even to its most devoted customers (me!) ...


The ads spotlight the iced drinks from Dunkin' Donuts in particular, and a VP at the company gave this statement as an explanation:

Iced coffee is an emerging trend around the country ... So, you’ll see our spokespeople drinking hot and iced coffee, because it’s now a year-round beverage.

And here I thought the woman in front of me at Dunkin' Donuts this morning who ordered a large iced coffee with cream and sugar was completely crazy to be craving a cold drink during the dead of winter. Apparently, if we are to believe the Dunkin' Donuts spokesperson, this fellow customer was quite sane and, in fact, consuming icy beverages in Arctic temperatures is completely normal.

I suppose if a caffeine addict is a caffeine addict, and if you have a favorite drink that you order every day, then the temps outside are pretty much irrelevant. Who am I to judge?

Do you drink iced coffee in the winter?

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