2011: The Year of Bad Food Trends


piesWhether you're a "foodie" out to discover and devour the next "it" food, or just a mom trying to feed her family, food trends ultimately affect what ends up on all of our plates at some point. Some past trends have been great, like cupcakes, while others, like bacon in every shape and form, should have died long, long ago but continue to haunt us. 

Unfortunately, 2011 isn't looking quite so appetizing. In fact, it seems a bit like we've run out of the "good" stuff, and foodies are scraping at crumbs to propel some new eats on the trend track. 

Here are some of the predicted food trends 2011 that hopefully won't come true:

Pies Over Cupcakes Murmurings of the takeover of cupcakes' reign as dessert queen have been brewing for awhile. With a shop on every corner, it's going to be pretty tough to knock these pretty little frosted numbers from their perch, and it certainly can't be done with pie. Coconut cream may be a dream, but other than that, save the pie for grandma's house. It's just too drab to be fab.

Hot Dogs Everywhere Besides once in awhile at a baseball stadium or off a grill on the Fourth of July, hot dogs just shouldn't be promoted as an actual food to eat. They are so wrong on so many levels -- the shape, the color, the contents -- and no matter how you dress them up, they will never compete with a good burger. Never ... yet they're predicted to give burgers a run for their ketchup.

Vegetables as a Main Dish Whether it was Lady Gaga's meat dress or one too many E. coli recalls, apparently veggies are hot and vegivores are rejoicing as meat takes center stage on plates. And not just for vegetarian reasons, but because it's trendy.

Now I eat my vegetables because I know they're good for me, and some of them taste pretty good, but you're never going to convince me that a whole plate of turnips and kale is sexy. Perhaps they're a bit alluring if they're smothered in butter and cream or fried, but then that whole health thing goes out the window.

More Pop-Up Restaurants Now, these are fun in theory -- little eateries pop up for a few weeks in empty buildings, then disappear. The hunt for them and the renegade experience sound thrilling. But once you taste an incredible dish, don't you want to be able to go back and eat it again?

Canning According to the Food Network, canning is making a comeback, as in pickling and preserving things like your grandmother probably used to do. I can just see all the holiday gifts next year ... yum?

What do you think of these predicted food trends for 2011?

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lovin... lovinangels

They all sound super fab phenominal to me. Not all hot dogs are bad.

Magis... MagischMom

I'm going to disagree with you on just about all of these.

1) I'm a pie lover - always have been. They're pretty and you can put just about anything in them - including *gasp* vegetables. Also, pies take a bit more skill than your average cupcake, so for those of us who are good at making them, its a fun way to showcase our abilities.

2) I prefer a good hot dog (or turkeydog - whatever) to hamburger any day. I'm not a 'slab of meat' sort of person, so hot dogs are right up my alley. Plus, a hot dog fresh off the grill is pretty amazing.

3) You haven't tried very many vegetable main dishes, have you? They're not just lumps of veggies, I swear! Try tossing ziti or rigatoni with alfredo sauce, zucchini and summer squash. My family eats it up.

5) I tried canning this past summer and had a lot of fun with it. It was suprisingly easy and my Little Sis loved making labels for the jars.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I'm actually a big fan of pie. WAY better than cupcakes. Vegetables as a main dish is something Americans actually need to learn how to do. And canning is just a return to actually cooking instead of shelling out dough for processed, chemical-laden crap. Sounds like I'd LIKE this year. ;)

Shanin22 Shanin22

Some of these would actually be pretty good for us both health wise and financially. Last summer I started making and canning prickly pear jelly just like my grandma use to and it's delicious (and free minus the cheap jars). I'm looking forward to trying more of her old canning recipes. I'm also definitely into trying some main veggie dishes.

Oh and you've obviously never had a Sonoran hot dog....mmmmmm!


frysh... fryshannon34

I love the idea of havimg vegetables as a main course


most of that sounds good ot me. I am all about veggies as my main dish. :)

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