Get High on Feeding the Hungry This Season

marijuana cigarette joint doobieFor a group of California residents, feeding the hungry during the holiday season had its benefits: FREE POT.

That's right. Granny Purps, a marijuana dispensary in Soquel, CA, offered patients a deal to help them collect canned goods for their holiday food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank. For every four cans of food a patient donated, Granny Purps would give the patient a free joint. Patients were limited to three free joints a day.

It was a little holiday "puff, puff, give," if you know what I mean.


While it may seem ridiculous that one stoner's penchant for the munchies helped feed another's legitimate hunger, Granny Purps' patients donated over 11,000 pounds of food and were rewarded with over 2,000 marijuana cigarettes. I can't be the only reader thinking that this is kind of an awesome deal for all involved. I don't know many stoners who break into the canned corn after smoking. This would be a great motivational tool to clean the cupboards while getting one's medicine.

Can you imagine if this spurred a donate-for-freebies craze? Donate new or gently-used clothing for the Salvation Army, get a free tallboy? Give blood to the Red Cross, get free antibiotics? Donate to your local women's clinic, get free condoms? Sure beats an NPR mug.

All joking aside, I don't need rewards to be philanthropic; far from it. But others might. If these kind of promotions get people to give during a time when others need it most, who am I to judge?

Now, to drop off these Spaghetti-Os ...


Image via torbenh/Flickr


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