Robots to Replace Waiters? Yes, Please!

robotWhile it sounds a little freaky at first, a restaurant in China just may be on to something brilliant with its robot staff. From servers to greeters and even entertainers, robots are doing the work typically done by humans at the appropriately named Dalu Robot restaurant. And yes, that includes real robots doing the Robot Dance.

Besides being totally Jetsons-cool, there's a lot of practicality to be had by their use. At about $6,000 a pop, a robot only costs about as much as three or four months' salary for humans doing the same job. Assuming they're pretty robust and reliable robots, they seem like a screaming deal.

Plus, think of all of the other amazing perks for restaurant owners and  patrons if bitchy/moody/snotty/uppity/tired/lazy/etc. humans were removed from the picture. We might all enjoy our meals a little bit more. Some of the benefits may include:


No Show

No more servers trying to impress you with memorizing your order and not writing it down. First of all, it's not impressive, it makes people nervous, but how nice to know that a robot would actually be recording exactly what you want.

No Fear

If they did mess up your order and you sent it back, you wouldn't have to worry about them spitting in it because as far as I know, robots can't spit. BIG bonus there.

No Airs

Instead of chuckling or providing a hint of an eye roll  when you ask what creme fraiche is, they will just tell you.

No Guilt

Sometimes, we suffer through less-than-stellar service, because we may feel bad for the server, know they don't make a ton of money, or don't want to get them fired. Robots, however, have no feelings, so complaints could flow guilt-free -- they may just have a screw lose or something ... for real.

No Tip

Robots have no rent to pay or kids to feed, and service should be pretty programmably standard, so tips could become a thing of the past (hallelujah!).

So really, what's to lose? Besides jobs, human interaction, and ambiance, of course.

Would you be up for dining in a restaurant staffed by robots?

Image via macinate/Flickr

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