Brussels Sprouts at Burger King? Bring It On

Sprout Surprise WhopperThis year has been a bad one for the fast food industry. McDonald's is getting sued, and the Double Down just gave us double the ammunition for the old "heart attack on a plate" jokes. They had to change see the light eventually. But I never expected to hear Burger King and Brussels sprouts in the same sentence.

The scourge of vegetables is popping up on the Whopper this month, and I've got just one complaint. I can't "have it my way."


The King is keeping this one in the UK, where it's a "festive" offering for the holidays. The Sprout Surprise Whopper as it's being called is topped with the sprouts and emmental cheese (a gentle Swiss). Paul Rowland, culinary development manager at Burger King UK said, "We believe that taste is king, and as such, we wanted to create a recipe that would challenge existing sprout perceptions, and genuinely make sprouts a flavour to be reckoned with.

Go ahead and tease us Burger King; it's going to bite you in the butt.  A survey of British residents found the sprout is officially the "most hated vegetable" in Britain, and response on BK's Facebook page has been anything but kind. It prompted this quasi-apology on the site last week:

Hi BKers – sorry to hear some of you weren’t too keen on the idea of the Sprout Surprise Whopper yesterday, but we’re confident that The King can make even Brussels Sprouts taste good! It’s on sale in Edinburgh , Liverpool, and London Westfield today for the same price as a standard Whopper– so pop along and try it and we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Stop apologizing and bring it to the states! On this side of the pond, the sprouts are enjoying a resurgence. They're cropping up on gourmet menus and in the homes of the health-conscious alike.

According to the folks at the American Dietetic Association, they're stocked with all the good things we need to fight a host of cancers: vitamins A and C, folic acid and fiber. They're one of the few green veggies that are stocked with plenty of vitamins even in the winter months as they're pretty hardy. Haters want to hate, but the sprouts aren't just good for us -- fresh sprouts cooked correctly are sweet and yummy.

And if it's coming out of a Burger King kitchen, it can't be "that" good for us anyway. What do you say -- would you try it?


Image via Facebook

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