Behold a Gingerbread Crack House, Graffiti & All (PHOTOS)

Has all the holiday cheer gotten to you just a little bit? Is your own personal sensibility a little more Festivus than, well, festive? Or are you looking for a centerpiece that will prove once and for all to your in-laws that they were right about you all along? Then check out these twisted spins on a holiday classic.

Some people are taking that icon of Christmas cheer, the gingerbread house, and rendering it quite a bit less cheerful. And absolutely not safe for work or kids, I might note. Like, for example, the gingerbread hoarder house:

Look at the little bag of rancid trash! The stacks of books, magazines, and shopping bags! Clever ... and kind of disgusting.

Yet more unwholesome is the gingerbread crack house:



Is the best part the bald roof, the crumbling porch column, or the graffiti penis?

A whole site dedicated to one guy's creation of these awful gingerbread houses originates from my hometown of Detroit ... it's called Gingerbread Ghetto.

Apparently Tom Nardone was inspired by his own failed gingerbread house. "Last year, I tried to make a gingerbread house and failed miserably," he writes on his site. "This year, I tried to make an ugly gingerbread house and succeeded beautifully. Perhaps, we should all just change the rules once in a while so that we can win."

Agreed. And who can argue with the brilliance of the gingerbread liquor store:

The brawling ruffians? Soccer players from the cake decorating aisle.

Or perhaps the gingerbread check-cashing place is more to your liking?

The bars on the windows and what appear to be lurking would-be muggers add a note of gritty realism ... exactly what you want from a gingerbread house, right?

Would you enjoy a ghetto-style gingerbread house?


Image via Slashfood, Buzzfeed,

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