$324 Noodle Soup -- People Order This Dish Every Day!

noodle bowlA restaurant in Taiwan is reportedly offering a $324 bowl of ... wait for it ... noodles. And people actually order it. What's in this insanely-priced bowl of noodles? Not gold dust or unicorn horns or dinosaur eggs. Broth. Noodles. Five four-inch squares of beef. One piece of beef tendon. That's it.

According to Amy Ma of the Wall Street Journal, Niu Ba Ba's noodle bowl contains beef from four different countries, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and the U.S., which braises over a three-day process. The broth is a blend of five to six different stocks, although the noodles are not made in house. Chef-owner Wang Cong-yuan claims people order it daily.

$324 for noodles? I don't care how good it is. Do I look like Uncle Scrooge swimming through gold? See that noodle bowl above? It doesn't cost $324, and it STILL LOOKS TASTY.

This is just one of several ridiculously-priced luxury dishes offered around the world. What else can you throw your money away on?


New York's Wall Street Burger Shoppe offers a $175 burger made of Kobe beef, foie gras, and golden truffle mayonnaise. It comes sprinkled in gold dust, which is ridiculous to me. I highly doubt gold dust tastes good. It's just something nominally-edible added to a dish to justify the exorbitant cost. I don't know about you, but the burger is the ultimate in affordable eats, and to see it tarted up like this is a damn near bastardization of the beloved dish.

Speaking of my favorite affordable eats being turned into bastardized versions for rich people, one of the world's most expensive pizzas is offered in Italy at Agropoli in Salerno. Pizza maker Renato Viola's 8-inch (WTF? At least make this a large, dude) pie is topped with buffalo mozzarella (it had better be), three types of caviar, and two types of lobster. The pizza is made in your home and costs $12,000. Um, for twelve large, I better be eating somewhere fancier than my house. I don't want dog hair sullying my stupidly overpriced pizza.

New York's Serendipity restaurant is in the Guinness Book of World Records for producing the world's most expensive dessert, the "Frozen Haute Chocolate." It costs a staggering $25,000, which is mostly due to the fact that the base of the goblet in which it's served is surrounded by an 18-karat gold bracelet with a karat of diamonds. Listen, imaginary guy who is going to wine and dine me with this: let's take the 25 large and travel the world in style. Or, you know, put a down payment on a house. That's romantic.

The coffee fiend in me is interested in what might warrant a pricey cup of joe. Turns out, it's shit. LIterally. Kopi Luwak coffee, also known as civet coffee, is made from coffee berries eaten by little furry creatures called civets. After the civet, um ... passes ... the beans inside the berries, they are collected, washed, dried and roasted. The resulting coffee can cost up to $600 per pound and is known as the most expensive coffee bean in the world. Does this need commentary?

Listen, I love food. LOVE it. I probably spend more money on food than most people because I love high-quality, local ingredients and supporting creative, innovative chefs. But there's a point where there's no way what you are putting in your mouth is worth the money it costs. If I can eat a completely unique 20-course tasting tour at Alinea for $195, why would I waste my time with a $175 burger?


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