$1 Million McRib Winner Might Celebrate With Tattoo: Guess What It Will Be!

McRibHere's a holiday story that will warm the cockles: An unemployed Wisconsin man won a $1 million prize in McDonalds' Monopoly game. Jonathan Kehoe, 29, won the only million-dollar prize in the U.S. and Canada when he pulled off the tab on his medium soft drink. He was at the McDonald's at Highway 100 and National Avenue in West Allis, just outside of Milwaukee.

Imagine going through your day with your godson in tow, thinking about the easiest and cheapest way you'd like to clog your arteries. You'd have to go with the McRib value meal, which Kehoe bought at the drive-thru. He pulled the tab, and saw the coveted Boardwalk and Park Place tickets.

Perhaps the chance of winning a million dollars may get more people to actually try the McRib?


Kehoe has been living with his parents because he lost his job 18 months ago. He had been eating at McDonald's because it was the only place he could afford. He plans on paying off some bills and his parents for expenses and back rent.

The one splurge he's considering: "I was thinking maybe a McRib tattoo or something," he told WISN, an ABC affiliate.

“I don’t think it hit me right away. I didn’t realize right away that I won. It was like I had to, um, ask a few people, ‘Is this real?’ And after a couple of hours, it set in," Kehoe said. "This is really a blessing, ya know. Right at the end of my unemployment, I pulled the million dollar tag off a cup. I mean, it couldn’t be better."

Ronald McDonald himself presented Kehoe the million dollar check on Tuesday. Kehoe then went on to celebrate by getting himself an Egg McMuffin.

It seems like Kehoe is a really nice guy who has had his share of bad luck, so let's hope that he'll put that money to good use and get himself a job for the new year. So yes, it's official: The McRib has made someone a millionaire. And you thought its skills were limited to giving you indigestion and making the entire world obese.


What do you think of the McRib now? Have you ever played McDonald's monopoly?

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