Senior Citizens Partying It Up With Four Loko

Ron DiMennaFour Loko, that dangerous caffeinated alcoholic drink that everyone either loves or loves to bash and ban, just received a nice little publicity punch in a crowd it hasn't yet seen much traction -- senior citizens. Apparently the drink has crept its way off of college campuses and into the hands of the geriatric crowd as evidenced by the recent arrest of Ron DiMenna, founder of the Ron Jon Surf Shops. The 73-year-old was cited for drunk driving after police found a can of Four Loko on the front seat of his car.

He was seen weaving in traffic last Thursday afternoon in Merritt Island, Florida, when police pulled him over. He reportedly had trouble walking, and there was a half-full can of the powerful beverage in his car. Dude, busted.


"His face was flush, his speech was slurred and his demeanor was slow and lethargic," the deputy wrote. "I then requested him to explain the odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Mr. DiMenna stated, 'I've had a couple.'"

Now one could wonder if he just didn't know what he was drinking and the power of the stuff. The older you get, the harder it is to read the fine print and all. But given the fact that he has faced two DUI charges in the past makes it likely he was knowingly getting loaded on the Loko.

It's not surprising that the older set is jumping on the Four Loko bandwagon. Aren't they always chasing the train trend of the young? In this case, it may not be the healthiest of trains, and clearly age doesn't always bring maturity when it comes to drinking either.

But like all fad fascinations, their coolness typically comes to an end ... usually just when the older generations discover them. It seems this may be the case with Four Loko as well. The caffeine, which made it so popular and potent, is going to be reluctantly removed from the drink by its maker, leaving it just another average alcoholic drink.

Oh well, there's always Red Bull and Vodka to take on your next trip to see grandma.

Have you tried Four Loko?


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