What Happens When Food Meets an Orgie (PHOTOS)

erotic food paintingsStrawberries and cream. Chocolate sauce dribbled all over. Hand-fed grapes. Champagne and caviar.


But I’m not just talking about food. I’m talking about sex. Hair-raising, toe-curling sex. Sex made all the more yummy by the addiction of delectable delights. The two just seem to go together somehow.

Food and sex have always been intertwined, all the way back to the days of Caligula, whose legendary feasts and orgies were most definitely not for the faint of heart.

But you’ve never seen food and sex paired up quite like this.


erotic food paintings

The paintings have an eerie intensity, don’t they?

They almost border on creepy. Or rather, they make us feel creepy for intruding on the most private of moments. The moment when you are smearing whipped cream all over your lover’s face, only to lick it off.

When you are experiencing messy, hot sex -- that’s when artist Monica Cook captures your image and pairs it with the unexpected: Suddenly you are smearing fleshy-looking figs across his face instead of honey.

They are half horror show, half Hustler and the resulting effect is ... confounding? I'm not sure -- you tell me! The detail is amazing -- you would think they are photographs, but nope. Monica, a Georgia born artist, who now lives and works in New York City, has exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the U.S., Canada, and abroad. She paints in oils on canvas, just like Van Gogh -- though the effect is decidedly different.

monica cook paitingShe says she is "fascinated by how history is trapped in the skin, the stories told in lines etched into faces, bruises, and scars from their past. I find myself heightening the details on and in the flesh, which enhances the mortal presence of the sitter and creates a tension between the psychological complexity of the person and their raw humanness."

What do you think of these erotic paintings? Are they too grotesque to be erotic?



Images via Monica Cook Art

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