Surprising New McDonald's Breakfast Item: Is Tofu Next?

oatmealJust when you were ready to have a heart attack just from reading about all the disgusting extreme-sized fast food abominations, along comes McOatmeal. Yes, McDonald's is now dishing up this lumpy breakfast dish from a drive-thru near you.

For $1.99 you get a cardboard cup of it along with add-ons like dried fruit and cream. Nice, though they are questionably healthy touches (cream?!). But the whole idea of the golden arches serving up oatmeal just seems so ... McWrong.

Not that oatmeal in and of itself is bad. On the contrary, it has some significant health benefits and can be sort of tasty if you're in the mood for it. But from a fast food restaurant? No thanks, and frankly, it's getting a little old watching fast food places pimp healthy fare from amidst their deep fryers.

What's next, McTofu?


Having healthy options at restaurants that primarily serve junk is good in theory, but only if you choose them. And most people don't frequent those places because they're looking for a healthy meal. They go because they're quick and cheap, or because they have a craving, or because they're hungover in the middle of the night. Fast food has its purpose and is fine when it's a splurge or had on occasion, but the restaurants that serve it shouldn't be disguising themselves as vendors of virtuous nutrition.

While there may be times when out of convenience or location, you find yourself with only a fast food joint from which to dine, and on those occasions, a salad or some oatmeal may be welcome options. But most of the time, if you go to a fast food restaurant, you really want the bad stuff -- that's why you're there, and that's what you're gonna get ... even though you drove there telling yourself you'd just have the salad. You may stick to your guns and get that salad, but you may also add on a cheeseburger and chocolate shake. C'mon how many times have you done that?

As for the fact that people eat fast food because it's cheap, that may be true. But if that's the real motive, then what about those two egg McMuffins for two bucks? If McOatmeal is $1.99 ... you do the math. And if you're really looking to save money, then you'll make your oatmeal at home anyway.

If convenience is your thing, then oatmeal doesn't seem to be your food. Eating it while driving sounds messy at best and perhaps dangerous. If you're going to eat it at your final destination, then a packet of Quaker and some hot water is all your need -- no drive-thru required.

Other restaurants like Starbucks and Jamba Juice have seen success with their oatmeal offerings, which is likely why McDonald's is following suit. But the reasons you go to those establishments is entirely different than why one goes to McDonald's. McDonald's may be trying to change that, but until they do a much bigger health overhaul on all of their food, instead of just tacking on healthy options too, their efforts seem largely in vain except for potential financial gain.

Do you welcome fast food restaurants offering healthy options or do you think they're just promoting a false since of health?

Image via S. Diddy/Flickr

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