Sarah Palin & Her $42K Trip to the 'Grocery Store'

sarah palin huntWhat food do you take when you go camping? We always took things like Bisquick (pancakes for breakfast and dumplings for dinner), beef stew, sandwich fixings, and marshmallows, naturally. You know, normal stuff.

What does Sarah Palin do for food?

Caribou meat. Caribou meat that costs about $141 per pound.


Palin took her dad on a hunting trip that she claimed was necessary to stock the freezer for the winter.

Double WTF?

You can't honestly expect us to believe that she needs a $40K+ hunting trip to stock her freezer.


I get that hunting is a way of life for a lot of people. In exceptionally remote areas, yeah, you have to hunt for your food.

Do you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so?

I'm gonna go ahead and say no. No!  If you have to hunt for your food, you probably have a really nice (or maybe not so nice) rifle, some cold weather gear, and ammo. Maybe a few other accessories that make catching dinner a little easier.

You do not charter a plane, waaait ... scratch that, charter three planes to get you to your $250-a-night (per person) "camp" and then to your hunting spot. All told, the cost to get to the 300-pound caribou and back home was roughly $42,000. Forty-two thousand dollars. That's more than most of Alaska makes in an entire year!

This doesn't show what life is like in Alaska. It doesn't give us insight into how people in extreme rural areas get their food. Nope.

All it shows is that despite all her country living claims and gosh-darnit good humor, Sarah Palin has no clue what rural life is like. And probably no clue about what "normal" life is like at all. 

What do you think about Sarah Palin's hunting fiasco?


Image via Hollywood Life

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