15 Reasons Why December Babies Should Stop Complaining

December Birthday CakeThree of my best friends' birthdays are between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, so I've heard all of the complaints on having a December birthday -- getting shanked on gifts, Christmas/birthday party combos, receiving the reject holiday presents, no one coming to your party because it's cold ....

I admit, December babies have it rough, but let's look at the eggnog glass half full ... it is the holidays, I mean, your birthday. Instead of cursing your mother for not planning her conception out with a bit more calculation, check out these 15 reasons why December birthdays don't suck:


1. You never have to think of a theme or games to play. I've spent weeks trying to think of creative activities for my birthday parties, and they always come off as cheesy. But December babies have tons of options that everyone loves: Dirty Santa, Ugly Christmas Sweater, Decorate the Tree ...

2. If it's super close to Christmas, you're probably able to have your entire family there. Cousins from the north and Aunt Shirley in California only visit once a year, and that once a year is Christmas. But since you're also celebrating your birthday, you're the special one of the family.

3. December is THE party month of the year thanks to all of the holiday parties, so everyone is in a festive and "let's get crazy!" kind of mood. Everyone else just gets one party, you get a whole month filled.

4. And you could make each of those parties all about you. It's your birthday, you can do whatever you want.

5. If you plan on throwing your celebration in a venue, lots of places have great group discounts around this time of year because they're trying to entice people to throw their holiday parties there.

6. You have no reason to feel bad for your mom, who was stuck in the hospital over Christmas to birth you. She likely had a pleasant experience.

7. And they probably brought you to her in a giant stocking. Awesome.

8. Because of your late birthday, you were probably one of the oldest in the class, meaning you were the first cool kid in high school who got a tattoo.

9. Eggnog. Peppermint Schnapps. Hot cocoa. An obscene amount of cookies. One of my favorite parts of December is all of the delicious treats that are served. Gastronomically speaking, your birthday month rocks.

10. You either got shanked on gifts as a child or received an overload. A lot of parents have a tendency to go overboard on their December baby's gifts because they want to make sure that he doesn't feel like he's getting jipped. So, naturally, they spoil him.

11. If it falls right smack dab between Christmas Eve and New Year's, there's a good chance that you won't have to work on your birthday. And you don't even have to use a vacation day. 

12. Your true friends really go out of their way to make sure your birthday is a memorable one because December birthdays have such a sucky reputation.

13. Growing up, your parents might have given you a birthday party during another month so you wouldn't have to compete with the holidays. The rest of us don't get to choose when we have ours.

14. You can ask Santa for your Christmas and birthday gifts.

15. Holiday and end-of-the-year sales at retail stores mean you can do some serious shopping with the birthday money that you received.

See? Does this list make you feel better December babies? Or should this September birthday girl just shut it? Do you like the month that your birthday falls in?


Image via Elizabeth/Table4Five/Flickr

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