5 Holiday Gifts for the Chocoholic

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chocolate marshmallow

What do you give that person who loves chocolate more than life itself? Whether they crave fancy gourmet truffles or the more ordinary milk chocolate bar varieties, we've got some delicious suggestions guaranteed to deliver a serious chocolate fix.

Here are some ideas for chocoholic gifts:

Vosges Caramel Marshmallows are too good to be true: dark chocolate with gooey Vanilla bean marshmallow, caramel, and toffee crumbles topping. Price is $27 for a box of 9.


mast brothers chocolate

Mast Brothers Chocolate is a Brooklyn-based artisan chocolate brand with some of the fanciest flavors -- Fleur de Sel, Almonds, and Sea Salt -- and some of the most beautiful packaging around. A "Maker's Choice" assortment of 10 chocolate bars is $80.


body chocolate

Is chocolate better than sex? Now you don't have to decide. Babeland's Edible Body Chocolate is vegan, all-natural, organic, and fair trade -- just massage it on, then lick it off. $22 for 4oz.


hot chocolate

When it comes to gourmet hot chocolate, Jacques Torres Hot Chocolate -- made with real chocolate! -- is the best of the best. Choose the Classic variety or Wicked made with allspice, cinnamon, ground, sweet ancho chili peppers, and smoked, ground chipotle chili peppers. $18 each.


chocolate dipped orange rinds

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" quite like candied orange rinds dipped in 72 percent dark Valrhona chocolate imported from France. $26 for a package of 8 from FrutinobyMinghini.

What are you buying for the chocoholic on your list?

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tazdvl tazdvl

I am getting him his favorite, Ghirardelli.

MomIWant MomIWant

I'm getting those caramel marshmallows for me.

frysh... fryshannon34

I would make these myself and save money wow they are expensive

maine... mainemusicmaker

I have no chocoholics to buy for!  But that hot chocolate is SCREAMING at me to buy it o.O

Carey... Carey2006

Chocolate from Andy's Candies and Sarris.

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