Bacon Lovers Rejoice! Booze Made Better With Pig Fat

What's better than a good margarita after a long day at the office?

Well, duh, a margarita with a side of bacon.

Bacon. It's everywhere. It's making its way into our chocolate bars, our cupcakes, and now -- into our after-work ritual.

Bad Decisions, a small bar located in Baltimore, boasts a "Beer & Bacon Happy Hour" once a month, complete with a bacontastic menu including bacon-themed cocktails, dinner items, and of course -- good ol' bacon strips.

I. Love. Bacon. Especially when it's soft, fresh off the griddle. Oh the sweet taste of pig fat. How one piece was only one point on Weight Watchers boggles my mind -- but I never argued and always indulged.

Let's be serious, there are a ton of worse alcohol/food alternatives out there ...


Chugging and Churros: Something tells me that somewhere between funnelling down the third beer and the increased sugary intake, attendees may begin to feel a little queasy. 

Pancake Bites and Peppermint Schnapps: It's still up for debate exactly what Dunkin' Donuts was thinking when they conceptualized these breakfast bites. Pairing them with a minty shooter may leave you wondering what tipped you over the edge at the office to consider why this was at all a good idea.

Vino and Vienna sausages: Have you ever actually eaten a Vienna sausage? Well if you haven't -- all you need to know is they are disgusting. Canned meets ... I shudder.

Ketchup and Ketel One: Some people use ketchup on everything. Ketchup on a grilled cheese. Ketchup on an egg sandwich. Ketchup on mac and cheese. But imagine ketchup infused vodka? Bleh. I mean, this is coming from the girl that shakes at the thought of a bloody Mary. I guess tomato juices just aren't my thing.

Champagne and clam chowder: Bubbles and seafood ... enough said.

Double shots and Double Downs: If you can finish an entire KFC Double Down, bravo. If you can down a double shot while indulging in more than 32 grams of fat, here's to you champ!

Would you indulge in a bacontastic happy hour?


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