McDonald's Employee Spits on Customer (Want Fries With That?)

McDonald's drivethruMcDonald's is under fire yet again for pissing off a customer. They're being sued by a woman in Chicago because one of their drive-through employees spit on her.

Uh ... at least it wasn't on the fries?

According to the suit, the woman was told in an "aggressive, unfriendly tone" that she couldn't have the cheeseburger she requested because only breakfast menu items were available.

When she tried to order a ham, egg, and cheese bagel, the employee “yelled” that bagel sandwiches didn’t come with ham, so the woman opted for a bagel sandwich with bacon instead.

The employee allegedly “continued to scream” at the woman through the drive-through speaker system and, when the taxi approached the pick-up window, the worker “stuck her head out of the window and spit directly onto [the customer's] face."

Yeah, completely gross and uncalled for ... or was it?


There are two sides to every story, and call me Sherlock Holmes, but I'm thinking only one side is being told here.

Yes, the woman spit at her, which under no circumstances should she have done. That's just nasty. But, I don't think that the victim was entirely the saint in this scenario. 

Let's look at the facts:

She was in a taxi, at 3:50 in the morning on December 13, 2009 (which fell on a Saturday night/Sunday morning), getting a burger ...

Now one may want to give her the benefit of the doubt. She's coming home off the nightshift and, oh gosh, her car is broken down, so she has to take a cab. But suddenly, that Lean Cuisine she ate for dinner at midnight just isn't holding her over, and she needs a burger. Right now. So she tells the cabbie, Please sir, can you drive through a McDonald's? I'll buy you a milkshake, where she ultimately was faced with the snarling, spitting lady.

Uhh yeah, I'm going to go with she was hammered. And honestly was probably so damn obnoxious that she deserved to get a big loogie in the face. Not that I would have exactly handled the situation with bodily fluids, but I can't entirely hate on the employee for reacting.

She's trying to get $300,000 in damages from McDonald's, and they're such a huge corporation, they'll probably just give in like they did to the idiot that spilled hot coffee all over herself. Ugh.

Plans for Saturday night: Get drunk and annoy a fast food employee, collect lots of $$.

Do you think that the customer is completely innocent here?


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