McDonald's Diner Info Stolen: Who Are the McHackers?

mcdonald;sIt sounds worse than it probably is: McDonald's has notified certain customers that personal info collected from McDonald's websites has been obtained by an unauthorized third party. The chain has warned them to be cautious of any person claiming to be from “McDonald’s asking for personal or financial information.”

The good news is that the personal data did not include social security numbers, credit card numbers, or any sensitive financial information. Still, information required to confirm ages, contact info (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.), and other general preference information (like whether you prefer a cheeseburger or Quarter Pounder?) were stolen.

So who in the world would find this information useful? Hard to say, but we have a few ideas ...



Perhaps the animal rights activist group hacked into the McDonald's database in order to obtain the contact info of regular carnivores. Now, they plan to bombard these customers with anti-meat propaganda via phone or e-mail -- watch out for that!

2. Fitness Professional or Health/Medical Professional

Likely, many of McDonald's loyal regulars aren't the healthy folks in town. Is it that crazy to think that local fitness professionals (gyms, personal trainers, etc.) looking to expand their clientele wanted access to a host of people who could benefit from their services (especially with the new year approaching)? Taking that theory a step further: What about medical professionals who specialize in weight management and obesity issues?

3. Burger King

If we're dealing with such "highly classified confidential" information as hamburger and French fry preferences, then perhaps we should consider McDonald's main competitor as the prime hacking suspect.

4. The Hamburglar

Hey, he's been known to steal stuff before, right?

Did you receive an email from McDonald's? Who do you think the McHackers are?


Image via wfyurasko/Flickr

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