Get High Off of Items Found in Your Pantry

psychadelic artWhen Miley Cyrus was caught hitting a bong of salvia, people were saying what a bad person she was and then immediately ran to the store to buy their own (seriously, salvia sales have skyrocketed).

But people need to chill, perhaps by huffing their own, because it is a legal substance. In most states. It's a kind of mint that gives you a psychedelic effect in which you feel like you're in two different realities at once frolicking with your childhood dog Fluffy.

But if you were ever a teenager, you'd know that getting high off of snuffing legal substances is no new thing. In fact, seriously desperate Cheeches and Chongs have been known to scrounge through their kitchen cabinets for a little pick-me-up.

Here are 5 food items that could potentially get you high (if you consume enough of them).


Poppy Seeds: Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Elaine kept failing her work drug test due to consuming a poppy seed bagel? Poppy seeds contain opium, and while you'd have to eat a ton of bagels just to feel a buzz, they have still been banned in countries like Saudi Arabia and Singapore. So next time you see that guy in your local bagel shop getting a dozen poppy seed donuts, look and see if his eyes are bloodshot.

Mulberries: Eating a large amount of unripe mulberries can cause moderate hallucinations -- though you may be seeing them in a toilet bowl because the initial reaction will probably be to hurl. Now we know why those kids were going 'round the mulberry bush.

Nutmeg: Consuming 4-8 teaspoons of ground nutmeg can cause mild hallucinations and can last for several hours. Just remember that when you're pouring Aunt Edna's eggnog this Christmas -- it may make for some interesting family time.

Parsley: It's said that the oil from this spice can have hallucinogenic effects, but even that is debatable. Nevertheless, you'll at least have fresh breath.

Caffeine: Ah yes, our favorite stimulant. We often forget that the coffee we drink in the morning is an addictive substance, and without it, many of us experience "lows." But luckily for us caffeine addicts, you have to drink a seriously excessive amount for a proper buzz.

Have you ever heard of getting high off of these food items?

Disclaimer: We do not recommend eating these items for the purpose of getting high. In fact, you'll probably get fat or sick before a buzz and we'd hate to be blamed for your weight gain or illness.

Image via pumpkincat210/Flickr

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