Lego Sets for Deranged Martha Stewarts Everywhere

Christmas ham. Check. Send guest invites. Check. Place settings selected. Check. Lego centerpieces constructed. Check.

Here's a great idea -- instead of the cliche glass bowl filled with shiny colored balls or pinecones sprinkled with glitter that could be made by your 3-year-old, think ... millions of brightly colored little plastic pieces for a new twist on your table's centerpiece! You could have raised, slaughtered, and prepped that turkey you'll be serving in less time than it takes you to build one of these ... but your guests won't stop talking about it for sure!


What they'll be saying, however, might not be as complimentary as perhaps you'd hoped and involve words like "too much free time" and "deranged version of Martha Stewart."

But even the most devoted foodie can't cook all the time, right? These fancy, super-elaborate Lego sets might be good for a break from all the holiday prep or let you channel your inner Ace of Cakes without the sugar high.

For example, there's this Lego Green Grocer ($149.99, shown above), which looks like it could be found on a Parisian street. There are bins for veggies, fruit, and bread outside ...


... and neatly stocked shelves, more food bins, and a tiled floor inside.

Kind of makes you hungry, doesn't it? Can you imagine doing something this elaborate? Kind of puts Sandra Lee and her tablescapes to shame.

More foodie Lego fun: This totally adorable Lego Winter Village scene ($54.99) features a charming Old World bakery with a German-style pretzel sign for the light post outside. The interior even lights up!




The baker, with his little Lego toque, makes teensy Lego croissants and pastries, and can even be placed outside with his tray full of treats for the passersby.


With its holiday-themed decorative pieces, would this not be so much more cool displayed on a table than your typical gingerbread house or country-style Christmas village? And hey, if people start giving you that "crazy-person" stink eye, just tell them the kids did it.

That said, these are hardly kid-friendly ... they would constantly end up being dismantled and the pieces stuck in ears and noses, swallowed, or used as projectile weapons in an all-out battle of the cousins during the wait for dinner. And a Christmas trip to the emergency room is going to ruin your dinner for sure.

Would you or your kids have more fun with the foodie Lego sets?

Images via; Norio Nakayama/Flickr

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