12 Days of Eggnog: Tasty Twists on the Holiday Staple

EggnogEggnog, the quintessential, waist-unfriendly drink of holiday celebrations, is a beverage people either love or love to hate. Traditional recipes usually include some combination of eggs, milk (or cream), sugar, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and liquor, like brandy, cognac, rum, or whiskey. Here's a classic eggnog recipe from Alton Brown, which calls for whole milk, heavy cream, and bourbon.

Of course, you can do so much more with eggnog! And we happen to have a dozen eggnog recipes to prove it.

After taste testing these delicious eggnog variations, you'll be in the perfect state of mind to revel in the holiday season with your family and friends.


12 Days of Eggnog: A Dozen Tasty Twists

  1. Chocolate eggnog: This recipe from Martha Stewart combines flavors of eggnog, bittersweet chocolate, and a hint of chile. It will quickly become a new holiday dessert classic. You can even make this one a day ahead.
  2. Eggnog martini: In case you really want to get your guests in the holiday spirit, all you need to do is to add some vodka, frangelico, ice, and a nutmeg garnish to your favorite traditional eggnog recipe. This variation by Curtis Stone is perfect for those who dislike eggnog's typical richness.
  3. Baltimore eggnog: Apparently this variation of eggnog got its name since it was originally featured in a Baltimore cookbook back in the 1940s. Epicurious' Baltimore eggnog features peach brandy and rum. Who can possibly resist?
  4. No-cook eggnog: In a bind? Check out this recipe from McCormick that uses egg substitute instead of real eggs. All you have to do is blend the ingredients together and serve. You'll have a frothy, creamy treat in five minutes.
  5. Coquito eggnog: This Puerto Rican version of eggnog from AllRecipes.com will have you dreaming about warmer days with a blend of milk, white rum, and ground cloves and cinnamon. Sweet and smooth, you'll completely forget about the American version of eggnog in no time.
  6. Eggnog with coffee & Irish cream: Perfect for guests looking for their coffee fix after a scrumptious, hearty holiday meal. Something about Baileys Irish Cream, coffee, and eggnog just screams winter, so why not put them all together? Southern Living's recipe requires at least 4 hours of chill time, so be sure to plan ahead for this one.
  7. Frozen eggnog: Cut the work in half by serving up after-dinner drinks and dessert all at once. This eggnog has the consistency of soft ice cream, according to Gourmet -- you'll actually have to serve it with spoons!
  8. Eggless eggnog: How exactly is that supposed to work, you wonder? This recipe from Food.com, perfect for those with egg allergies, features instant vanilla pudding mix instead of eggs. You might not get the fatty, heavy drink, but this is an excellent, lighter, healthy alternative.
  9. Eggnog punch: Lemon-lime soda? Cherries? Vanilla ice cream? Believe it or not, this refreshing twist on the heavy eggnog drink by Taste of Home is going to be a hit at your next party. Easy to serve in a punch bowl, your guests will love this unique, creamy concotion -- feel free to add your favorite liquor to taste, too.
  10. Vegan eggnog: This might make all you eggnog purists have heart palpitations, but believe it or not, Happy Herbivore came out with a vegan eggnog recipe. All you need is vanilla soy milk and a frozen banana, along with some spices. There's no alcohol (gah!) and it's super-healthy, so this drink would be perfect if there are a lot of little kids trying out eggnog at your party for the first time. Try it! You might actually like it.
  11. Cappuccino nog: Espresso, eggnog, and brandy make quite a delicious combination. This drink from Betty Crocker will hit the spot on chilly winter mornings. Sugar and cinnamon give it an extra kick of sweetness -- you'll never have a regular cup of cappuccino again.
  12. Sticky toffee pudding eggnog: If you really want to plan ahead (and bless you if you do), this recipe for Food & Wine calls for infusing the cream and toffee pudding for two days. Yet another after-dinner treat that could be eaten with a spoon, your guests will definitely be able to taste the effort that went into these decadent treats.

Do you like eggnog? Would you try any of these recipes?


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