Biggest, Fattiest Fast Food Burgers You've Ever Seen

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The 1,500 calorie In-n-Out 4x4
Fast food cheeseburgers hold a special little place in my heartburned heart. I know it’s wrong. I know the food can barely even be called food. I know that all that salt is going to make it so I can’t button my jeans for three days. I know it’s a heart attack in a sack.

I know all these things.

But man, sometimes the first bite of that burger loaded with cheese and more bacon than a pig should be able to produce ... sometimes, that’s just a little piece of heaven, isn’t it? I also know that my bacon-laden cheeseburger (extra mayo!) isn’t the most disgusting thing out there. Have you seen the Double Down from KFC? You might as well chomp a salt lick.

Want to see what other guilty pleasures will simultaneously make you drool and put on 10 pounds just by sniffing them? (Warning: These are just pictures. Please do not lick your screen.)


fast food nutritionJack in the Box -- Sirloin Swiss & Grilled Onion Burger

This was the first meal I ate on my last trip to Vegas. I’m pretty sure they put the word “grilled” in there to fool you into thinking you are eating something wholesome. This thing is most definitely not wholesome -- and you’re in for a whole lot of pain if you can actually finish it.

The fact that it has more than 880 calories isn’t the worst part: 59 grams of fat + 1,549 mg sodium + 139 mg cholesterol = instant heart attack. It’s a wonder I’m alive to write this. (It was good though!)


fast food nutritionBurger King -- Triple Whopper With Cheese   

Triple?! Did you even know this existed? If you’re still here, probably not, because this baby packs 1,250 calories. Why did they even bother putting plant matter on this? It’s not like that wilted lettuce will combat the 205 mg of cholesterol, and those yummy pickles are only going to add to the 1,110 mg of sodium.

Bonus: there are only 75 grams of fat in this all-American burger. But all that’s okay, because it’s “once, twice, three times as tasty!”


fast food nutritionHardee’s -- 2/3 Pound Monster Thickburger

You probably know what’s coming. Reaction #1: How can anyone eat that much burger?! Reaction #2: It’s almost midnight, is Hardee’s is still open ...?

These mouthwatering char-grilled patties, complete with four strips of bacon plus cheese, are gonna cost you. With 1,320 calories (more than half your daily allowance), 95 monstrous grams of fat, 210 mg cholesterol, and a horrifying 3,020 mg of sodium ... well, it may taste good, but it’s called “monster” for a reason.


fast food nutritionWendy’s -- Baconator Triple

Count ‘em: 3 hamburger patties, 9 strips of bacon, 3 slices of cheese, plus the healthy part (onion, tomato, lettuce), and you get a jaw-dropping 1,370 calories ... 1,370!

For free, Wendy’s will throw in 91 grams of fat, 305 mg cholesterol, and a staggering 2,640 mg sodium. That’s practically enough salt to mummify you!



fast food nutritionSonic -- SuperSonic Cheeseburger

I’ve known people who crave Sonic burgers the way an addict fiends for dope. There must be magic in those patties, because there sure isn’t anything healthy!

The SuperSonic cheeseburger with mayonnaise will pack a tidy 1,270 calories under your belt. Your thighs will be the lucky recipient of 87 grams of fat, your gut will benefit from an additional 245 mg cholesterol. And don’t think your ankles will be left out! The 1,500 mg sodium will be more than happy to take up residence in their newly swollen abode.

All of these delicious, mouthwatering burgers are just the tip of the iceberg. Of all the fast food nutritional information I looked at, McDonald’s was the lone stand out -- even their biggest sandwiches had nearly half the calorie and fat count of those listed here.

What do you think? Will you think twice before chowing down on your favorite burger, or continue to enjoy these delicious guilty pleasures?

Images (top to bottom) via MercaMancha, Jack in the Box, Burger King, Hardee's, Wendy's, Sonic

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