5 Holiday Gifts for the Caffeine Addict

gifts for the caffeine loverYour giftee loves the jolt whether it comes from coffee, tea, or you. He wakes up and sometimes ends dinner with a palate-cleansing cup of Joe or spot of tea. Instead of just tossing her favorite bag of beans her way, check out some more options in the grand world of caffeine addiction. (Although Starbucks gift cards are surely welcome as well.)

Show that addict you get his passion and support his habit with these 5 gifts that scream, "I heart caffeine!"


RoboCup Tee

In pink and blue depending on your preference, this RoboCup t-shirt ($9) shows you take no prisoners in your pursuit for the buzz. On sale right now, this quality tee from the clever folks at Threadless is almost as good as that first cup.

gifts for the caffeine loverBarista Class at Intelligentsia

Learn how to pour from arguably the best coffee shop in North America. Intelligentisa offers a barista class ($200) in New York, Chicago, and hopefully its outpost in Los Angeles soon. Add on a steaming and latte art class ($100) if you really want to charm your weekend brunch guests.

gifts for the caffeine loverWhistler Cork Tea Pot & Tea Cups

Pretty much the most adorable tea pot ($25) and cups ($10 each) I've ever seen, these cork-bottomed beauties are made from earthenware ceramic and cork from Portugal. Bottoms up!

gifts for the caffeine loverNew York Brews Coffee Crate

From Zabar's, this gift crate ($75) comes packed in their vintage photo box and includes not only one pound each of Zabar's Special Blend and French-Italian, but some rugelach (lovely with your morning Joe), a Zabar's coffee mug, a Zabar's chocolate apple, chocolate bar, and a coffee scoop. If you don't have anyone on your list who would love this, please send my way.

gifts for the caffeine loverEspresso Set

If you enjoy your espresso, you'll enjoy it even more with this six-piece espresso set on a bamboo tray ($48). With little removable trays per cup and tiny stainless steel spoons, it doesn't get much cuter when you serve up a cup of mud.


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