Not Your Grandma's Christmas Cookies: 5 Non-Traditional Cutters

non traditional cookie cuttersSure you can bake up snowflakes and Santas for your friends and relatives, but wouldn't you rather shock and awe everyone with some truly fascinating Christmas-esque cookies? Or even, non-Christmas cookies? Yes, I knew you would.

Your mailman won't know what hit him, with the best non-traditional cookie cutters to rock your Christmas cookie world.





Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter

Who hasn't wanted their very own leg lamp just in time for Christmas? Gleaming through the window or going straight into your tummy, these cookie cutters ($14.98) celebrate one of the best things about Christmas: Watching holiday TV specials repeatedly, and yelling out our favorite lines like, "Frageel-ay, it must be Italian!"

non traditional cookie cuttersStar Wars Heroes & Villains Cookie Cutters

No one can resist Star Wars -- during the holidays or any other time of year. Bust out Boba and Yoda cookie cutters ($19.95) and put all those other Christmas cookies in the office to shame. Does anyone else notice there are more villains than heroes in this set?

non traditional cookie cuttersHedgehog Cookie Cutter

My brother had a hedgehog once. All it did was hide under the couch. Still, it brought delight whenever it deemed to grace us with its presence. Maybe, like, once a year. Santahog? Spread the seasonal cheer with this hedgehog cookie cutter ($5.25).

non traditional cookie cuttersABC Gingerbread Men (Already Been Chewed) Cookie Cutters

A great way to give the gift of cookies, while punk'ing the giftee. These ABC Gingerbread Man cookie cutters ($7.95) will look especially fine if you pipe a startled expression on their tiny faces. Well, on the ones that still have a face.

non traditional cookie cuttersConstruction Tools Cookie Cutters

Why not remind parents everywhere of what tools they're going to need on Christmas morning to put together the kid presents? I particularly like this screw driver cookie cutter ($1.49) as it can have multiple meanings -- depending upon the recipient. But don't forget the wrench and the pliers, if you really want to put together that doll house.

Would you use these cookie cutters this Christmas?

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