Food Court Survival Guide (Graphic)

food courtIt happens to all of us. Whether you do most of your holiday shopping online or not, at some time you’re probably going to find yourself at the mall. And while you’re there, fighting through the crowds, you may be gripped with hunger.

Hunger. At the mall. It’s never a pretty combination. I’ve been known to wander aimlessly into the food court, not sure of what I really want, only that I was hungry. I order Chinese noodles only to discover, too late, that what I really wanted was a slushie. And because I’m tired and exhausted, I get emotional. And let me tell you, readers. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU CRY AT THE MALL.

What, it’s just me? Whatever. To prevent another embarrassing mall hunger incident, I have created this handy flow chart.


food court map


Images via scott*eric/Flickr (food court), fujikinoko/Flicker (cinnamon roll), Sandip Battacharya/Flickr (noodles), stephenccwu/Flickr (peppermint mocha), Like_the_Grand_Canyon/Flickr (sub sandwich), Corner Bakery Cafe (soup)

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