Alcoholic Chocolate Milk -- Proof That Childhood Dreams Do Come True

adult chocolate milkOh my lordy, pinch me because I must be dreaming. Three words for you: Alcoholic. Chocolate. Milk.

That's right. Adult chocolate milk that's 40-proof. We can relive our childhood memories (and then forget them again because we'll be so drunk). I can't even remember the last time I had chocolate milk. I stopped buying it because the cashier always looked at me strangely, as if adults aren't supposed to drink chocolate milk. Pffft. So I'm kinda loving the idea of an adult version, and the alcoholic addition ain't too shabby of an idea either.

With the demise of Four Loko, these unique alcoholic concoctions are popping up and, I must say, if this is a world without Four Loko, why the hell didn't we take it off the shelves months ago?

Four Loko: Caffeinated alcoholic drinks that make me twitch.
Alcoholic Chocolate Milk: Tasty childhood beverage with a punch.

No competition.


You can purchase a 1-liter bottle for $19.99 and a 750-milliliter bottle for $16.99 at select retailers, but unfortunately, Arizona, Minnesota, and California are the only states that have these. So let this post be my way of begging and pleading, Please bring it to the rest of the country. Soon!

I can only imagine the possibilities of my liquor cabinet:

  1. Creme de Menthe: Add this into the adult chocolate milk for a grasshopper-type cocktail.
  2. Peppermint Schnapps: Just in time for the holidays, peppermint would give it some holiday flair.
  3. Coffee Liqueur: It'd basically be your everyday iced mocha -- but with a kick!
  4. Banana Liqueur: Might want to add in more cream to make it frothier, but this would be a tasty treat. Add in vanilla vodka and Kahlua to make a Chunky Monkey.

And don't forget the alcoholic whipped cream.

Oh, and did I mention the same company will soon be putting out Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch, and Adult Limeade? Eeek!

How good does this adult chocolate milk sound? Would you want to try it?


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