'Top Chef' All Stars: The Bullies Are Back!

Top Chef All-StarsSeason 8 of Top Chef premieres tonight, but this time, they're whipping up something a little different for the cooking reality show. Instead of bringing in new faces, Bravo has casted rejects from seasons past to have another go at the title. Redemption!

There are 18 contestants in all, but let's be real here -- what we're most looking forward to watching are the villains of the past:


Marcel Vigneron: Marcel pissed off people so much that they were willing to go to physical extremes for revenge. Not only did the cooks of Season 2 actually attack him and shave his head, even after the show ended, a fan beat him over the head with a bottle. Wonder what the damage will be this season ...

Mike Isabella: Even though he later claimed that he respects women due to his broken family (cry me a river), his actions on the show spoke much louder. The misogynistic chef repeatedly said he couldn't "lose to a woman" on Season 6. So, obviously, that's exactly what I hope happens in the All-Star season. Over and over again.

Angelo Sosa: He spent the majority of Season 7 boasting about his awesomeness and pitting chefs against each other. I'm curious to see if his manipulative ways will work this time around.

Tiffani Faison: The runner-up on Season 1 was super talented but her crazy bitchiness is all that I remember. She yelled at everyone, which, of course, made for excellent reality TV. Please let someone say I'm not your bitch, bitch!

Stephen Asprinio: The snooty wine guy from Season 1 is back. What irked me about him the first time around was his know-it-all attitude. Sure he's got a Cornell education, went to the Culinary Institute of America, and attended his first cooking class at the age of 5, but the fact that he boasts about these things just makes him a pompous ass with multiple degrees.

How much did you hate these chefs? Who are you most looking forward to seeing again this season?


Image via BravoTV.com

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