College Eating Clubs: Another Great Use of Tuition!

hot dogs for competitive eatingEver wonder what the great minds are working on at some of the nation's top universities? At a certain University of Maryland, the answer is: competitive eating.

A group of college students at the University of Maryland put their heads -- and stomachs -- together to found the country's first collegiate competitive eating club. Because the club is one of a kind, its members lack the "competitive" part and, for the moment at least, exist solely for "eating." However, they plan to develop a network of competitive eating clubs at other colleges -- an impressive goal, which is no doubt bound to happen.

In fact, when you think about it, the idea of a collegiate competitive eating club is so very brilliant, it's any wonder other colleges are so slow to hop on the trend.


The UMD club actually started as a joke -- sort of: Realizing that points on their university meal plan expired after a certain date and not wanting food to go to waste, a group of (mostly male) college students pooled their remaining dining points, bought an excess amount of food, and ate it all. Hilarious! Not to mention a great use of all that extra food.

Now, the club has expanded to include around 30 members, regular meetings, a president, committees, and even a constitution. Future plans include the aforementioned goal of expanding to other schools as well as increasing awareness for competitive eating as a serious sport that might not be as popular as college football or basketball but that still deserves respect. Here, President Keith Solomon explains:

Maybe [it will be] more like field hockey or soccer ... I could see a few schools around the nation having a club that would travel and compete.


Then again, maybe not.

Do you think a collegiate competitive eating club is a cool idea?


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