Steal This Bakeware & Give Goodies to the Poor

inexpensive cooking supplies
For Nom Noms
Or, buy these cooking supplies at low, low prices and give holiday treats to your poor friends who never get the benefit of your baking the rest of the year. Either way, as Robin Hood of the baking variety, you will be greeted as a hero when you walk in with pies, breads, and cookies.

So where does one get the good deals on all things baking?

Let me tell you.




Cupcakes & Muffins

A mini-muffin pan for only $3.67? Why not buy five? Can you imagine pouring all of your batter into the pans in one shot, not having to wait for everything to cool off, and re-starting the process? I can, and I want.

inexpensive cooking suppliesPie Pans

Once you get going delivering pies to those school, church, and family get-togethers, you'll realize the beauty of owning disposable pie pans. For only $13.49 you can grab a set of 10, 9-inch bake and take pie pans with plastic bottom and lid to deliver your pecan, rhubarb, and meringue concoctions.

inexpensive cooking suppliesIt's Cookie Season

So having cookie sheets in three sizes for only $10.47 makes a ton of sense. Even if you have a cookie sheet or two at home already, these can act as affordable back-ups if you're running low on time and high on Christmas cookie demand.

inexpensive cooking suppliesCakes

Get a regular 6" in diameter, 1.5" deep cake pan for $4.47, or make a super cake in an 8" in diameter, 3" deep cake pan for only $7.25. That's one deep cake. Just think of the icing!

inexpensive cooking suppliesSpecialities

It's not every day you're making bars, madeleines, ginger bread men, and Bundt cakes. But if you want to knock everyone's socks off this year, head to Target where you can get one of each ($15 - $19.99).

What are you baking this holiday season?


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