Reese's vs. Dove: Who Rules Chocolate Peanut Butter?

dove peanut butterDear Hershey's,

Look, I respect what you do. When it comes to the cheap candy, Reese's peanut butter cups have always been my favorite. You nailed it, Hershey's! High five. 

But this suing Mars over using the color orange for their Dove chocolate peanut butter packaging is ridonkulous. You know what you have? An inferiority complex!


reeses peanut butter cupsLook at this packaging. LOOK AT IT! No one, I mean no one is going to mistake it for the package of Dove peanut butter chocolate you see above.

Your packaging is iconic. People make t-shirts out of it, for crying out loud! Do you think people are going to make t-shirts out of that Dove peanut butter bar anytime soon? Hell no! What kind of visual identity is that? Mist, flowing stream of orange running past the chocolate lake with floating chocolate peanut butter boulders? Too complicated. Okay, fine, the lawsuit is over a different version than you see above. Nevertheless, just like you nailed the chocolate peanut butter candy, you nailed the chocolate peanut butter package.

Now, I know that Dove has this "fancy" chocolate thing going on. It's a little threatening. Yes, people are going to be curious, and they're going to try it. You may even lose one or two customers. But let me tell you something: people love Reese's because of that special thing only you can do. There's no replacement for it.

Now stop your pouting and dismiss this silly lawsuit. It makes you look petty. Have some self respect! And while I'm dispensing advice, don't skimp on your ingredients. Right. Back to work, candy bar.


Images via Dove Chocolate and Hershey's

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